Questions and Answer’s for Sweet Heart Pin Up Studio

Bring your own

  • Shoes ( high heels preferably)
  • Fake eyelashes – they really do add to the look I will apply them if you supply them. I prefer the 1 strip lashes not the teeny tiny individual lashes which are too time consuming.
  • I also ask people to bring a thong or small flesh or light colored panties. This is just for if you use my costumes to wear underneath even though my costumes are washed between uses just gives my clients peace of mind.
  • Bring something you might want to wear – could be a dress, a slip, a corset, bra & panties set etc. I just like seeing what people’s style is; most of the time what happens is we will use some of what you bring and some of what I have. Plus it’s great to have backup in case for whatever reason things I have here do not fit you.

It’s good to discuss with me your sizes before coming – sometimes people have unusual sizes like crazy bra sizes I’ve never heard of – so it’s always smart to come here prepared, the more knowledge you give to me the better I can do my job making you look amazing!

We accept cash, check, credit cards and online payments HERE – all packages are listed and can be easily purchased by pay pal or credit card and tax will be added to all prices when you make your payment.

I take cash, check, credit cards and you can even pay before you arrive on my website look under the “pin up” tab then click on prices. all packages are listed there and can be easily purchased by pay pal or credit card and tax will be added to all prices when you make your payment.
I really prefer to work with people one on one, I think people think having someone there will help relax them but its usually the opposite.  I notice my clients feel more self conscious.  I don’t mind if you bring ONE friend but during the actual photo shoot I will ask them to leave the shooting area.  I have a nice waiting room with magazines, or they can check out the other great stores on Main street Hi- Fidelty Records, Cats Like Us, Twisted Tiki Tattoo ( if they are really feeling spontaneous!).

I think a certain magic takes place between artist and muse when we work alone, I consider myself an artist and I take what I do very seriously.  I have 100% success rate if people respect my process and trust that I will do a great job making them look their best.

NO, my photo shoots are very reasonably priced, to keep my prices this way I have my clients purchase prints & digital downloads separately that way they get exactly what they want and spend what they want to spend.  After your photo shoot I edit the best photos depending on the package you choose could be 10 could be 25, then I put them on your own personal online gallery that is password protected.  I send you an email with a link to it, then you view your photos and purchase the ones you like.  Your gallery will have a ton of ordering options any size print, merchandise, digital downloads even photo packages that are all very modestly priced.  You choose what’s best for your needs then you order the pictures that YOU like and they get shipped or emailed to YOU directly.
The first thing I do is have you fill out a client card this will ask for your email and phone number, then I show you how your online gallery works and how to make purchases that way its easier to navigate for you later on.  Then we head over to the make up and costume area and we get started on your make over!  Together we assess any clothing you may have brought and what I have and I usually have you try some things on, at that time I leave the room which is curtained off so you have total PRIVACY.  I leave the room to work on lighting and backdrop set ups at that time. when you call me back in and we both approve of the outfit you have tried on we start shooting!
Depends on the shoot if its a quickie shoot where you arrive camera ready I’d say an hour.  If it’s a shoot where I do your hair and make up and you have 3 wardrobe changes I’d say 2-3 hours.  I’m not located at the mall so I don’t have a timer on the table and kick you out after 15 minutes.  Why I believe I am successful at getting women to love their photos is because I allow time for them to get comfortable and relax.
I think 90% of my clients are first timers and you can’t mess up, all you have to do is show up.  I do it all.  I worked for 12 years in Los Angeles dressing celebrities for photo shoots and events, I did make up and hair and model coached for several photographers.  When you come to me you are getting like 5 people in one.  I do your hair and makeup, I help pick out your wardrobe by seeing whats most flattering to you, then I take your picture while doing that I coach you and help pose you so you get the best result possible.
I absolutely love accommodating my clients ideas for a shoot, the trick is to please call and speak to me before hand so we can figure out how to achieve what you want and what I need to do on my end to make it happen.  I have created some amazing sets for shoots in the past but its because there was discussing and planning with those clients ahead of time.
My studio is located at 59 Main street in the City of Tonawanda NY 14150, the closest cross street is Broad street.  We are right in between the stores Vanilla Grass and Hi- Fidelty Records.  You’ll see the Sweet Heart Pin Up Studio sign out front and pictures hanging in the window. It is so important that if you GPS to my location be sure its to the 14150 zip code, if you go to the exact same address but in N. Tonawanda you will end up at a church.  Please call me if you get lost, but entering the correct zip will bring you directly to me.  I have clients come from all over Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, NYC, Pittsburgh PA, Cleveland Ohio, even Florida!  I am very flattered that they do so but I believe they appreciate that I am a female photographer and I do everything in an artistic tasteful way.  Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Please call me if you have more questions at (716) 803-5993

I’ll be happy to hear from you and discuss making your pin up dreams come true!

Download the PDF HERE