Destiny Rogowski

Destiny Rogowski started Sweet Heart Pin Up In 2009 after returning home to Buffalo NY from Los Angeles. While in LA she had worked in the celebrity photo shoot industry doing everything from wardrobe styling, hair and make up to model coaching.

“I wanted to provide that same celebrity treatment to the hardworking women of Buffalo NY. I believe every woman deserves to be pampered and feel beautiful”

Destiny has been called “The Rock Star photographer “ and “The Annie Leibovitz of Buffalo NY”.

“I think both of those descriptions are so flattering. I think that people say that because I really do have a flair for the glamorous I love making people look and feel amazing and that comes through in the work. I also love to be a fly on the wall in any circumstance and capture those great documentary style candids.”

Destiny has had great success capturing anyone who thinks they are unphotogenic.

“ Every person that has come into my studio tells me the exact same story. I’m not photogenic, I need to lose x amount of pounds, I have stretch marks, I hate my stomach, my thighs are to big, I have scars, I have a bald spot, there are moles on my back etc. I have heard it all- while they are listing all the reasons they can’t I am seeing all the reasons they can.

Whether it be kind eyes, nice legs, a great smile. I think I have success because I focus on the positive, I try to put people at ease with my quirkiness and sense of humor and if they trust me they will love their photos.

Everyone has a gift or a talent that’s unique some people it’s playing video games or playing guitar- this is my gift it’s what I’m great at and I’ve been doing it for 20 years. The most important thing you need to know when looking at the pictures on my website is everybody in them is exactly like you. None of them arrived confident, none of them knew what they were doing, all of them were afraid and doubting themselves.

These photo-shoots I offer have become like therapy for some people. Women have told me they’ve submitted pix I’ve taken of them to magazines and been published and that they have a new found confidence now and are entering in pin up contests. I’ve heard of marriages becoming stronger because husbands bought their wives gift certificates for shoots and they felt so loved and supported.

After the shoot feel alive and sexy again. Now they have a new experience to share and reflect on with their spouse.“

When Destiny gave her business the name Sweet Heart Pin Up at first she was known for her Pin Up styled photo shoots.

“When I first started my business I wanted to do something unique that I didn’t see anyone else in Buffalo doing. Now that Pin Up culture has started to grow more and more I’m happy to think I was a part of that.

All along I have always shot everything one can imagine from gourmet food to corporate headshots to backstage at a beauty pageant. I really get into whatever it is I’m hired for I love what I get to do. When I think of the name Sweet Heart Pin Up to me that means photos for your sweetheart or photos of you and your sweetheart.

Sweet Hearts come in many forms – could be you and fiancé, you and your baby, you and your dog. I want to capture who and what is important to you!

Feel free to contact me with questions if you don’t see a certain thing offered on my website it doesn’t mean I don’t do it – it just means you have to ask. ”

Destiny Rogowski

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